The specials of the Sigriswiler Baerenfest


Age estimation of your teddy bear

Would you like to know the age of your teddy bear or doll?
On the market place near the hotel Baeren, you will find Mrs. Esther Ackermann from the "antiquities and Steiff club". She will competently give you informations free of any charge.


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Heinz Hofer

Heinz Hofer carves beautiful animals (including bears, of course) out of trunks with his power saw.


Hans-Rudolf Simmler

The filigrane wood processing with carve and emery paper is its world. Bears and other animals develop in this way.


Paul Kohli

Smiling Bear Paul Kohli is also working with a chainsaw on the wood and creates an incredibly realistic wildlife.


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Philipps Airbrush Studio

Philipp will be working locally and it is fascinating to watch him creating his airbrush works. Not only funny comic figures are developed but realistic animals too. No matter if you want it perpetuated on a T-Shirt, a mouse pad or on a canvas – everything is possible. Do you have special wishes? If there is enough time you can watch the development of your own t-shirt.


Summer market

You will surely find some special things on the summer market. Take a look at it and spend some time walking through the summer market. While you’re strolling through the summer market, you will certainly find a space in the hotel Adler or in the marquee to relax and eat and drink something.


Child attractions

Games from the Ludothek, free of charge hopping castle and lucky fishing at the child dress exchange Pipi will let pass time fast enough even for our youngters.